The real question is not where has this blogger been, but what has he been doing that has kept him from blogging for 15 months? Over the last year, two things have kept me from blogging. One thing has been me writing my dissertation. While I realize people write dissertations and blog and the same time, I simply had no desire to blog and write a dissertation. Second, I had a “falling out” with blogging, and I am not sure, even to this day, where I am with it. One thing I cannot deny is social media (is that the right term for facebook, blogs, tweeting, etc.?) The media we call blogging, facebooking, texting, tweeting, etc., is truly a powerful tool. Our church blog gets hits/views from all sorts of countries.

Why get started blogging again? Initially, I come back to this blog because I want to share my dissertation journey. I am not sure how committed I will be, but through the writing of my dissertation, I have grown to enjoy writing. I learned alot through this journey, and I think it will be good for me to write it down somewhere so I can reflect back on God’s faithfulness in my life.

I confess that I am somewhat curious about who my viewers are. Just the  other day this site had 125 views. I was surprised by such since this blog has been inactive for so long. Several days latter this site also had 61 views. Whoever you are . . . the views/hits has encouraged me to start blogging again.

Realizing my audience may not have time to read a “dissertation” about my journey, I will journal my journey in snapshots. Bye for now.


Catching Up: Part 2

The family went with Grandma Kia to the United States Figure Skating National Championships in Greensboro. I think they had a great time.

I cannot help it, but I think Kasen is so cute. Of course I thought this of all my children.

Kia, Kasen, and Ann

Kaitlyn and Julia

These are some of Kylie’s first pictures on her new camera!

Catching Up

Kylie celebrated her 13th birthday.

Taylor helped us celebrate.

Kasen is growing and recogizing his family.

Kasen’s big event: Bronco Nagurski award for Papa McCoy

We were happy to be part of such an event where Molly’s dad was recognized for being the best collegiate defensive football player in 1969.

Katie did a great job of capturing this: http://barnettsintennessee.blogspot.com/2010/12/top-national-defensive-player-of-year.html

Kasen and Anna Kate’s first Christmas and it was a white one!

Thanksgiving Update

We are enjoying Jared and Elizabeth’s visit. Jared has done some serious hunting.

Everyone enjoys the masks.

A walk up Hagar’s Mountain.

Updates on Evans Family

This is the most recent picture of Kasen. He is smiling because he has started to recognize his family. Babies can smile very early, but doctors usually call their smiles “reflexive smiles.” They say they do not have “recognition smiles” for about a month or two. I do not care what the doctors say, this young man smiles when his family sweet talks him.

I must confess, Kasen’s functions right at my pace. I have always loved holding my children and falling asleep with them must be a piece of heaven.

Kasen gets plenty of love and attention. There are four very capable diaper changers in this home. Right now, everyone is still very willing to change the precious little boy. The girls love dressing him up.

Kylie and her homeade bread. One cannot tell the difference between Molly’s homeade bread or Kylie’s. Kylie and Kaitlyn have already made their very first pies for Thanksgiving. They did all the work! (Kylie’s pie is on the left and Kaitlyn’s pie is on the right).

My mom, a mother of six, certainly feels at home holding Kasen.

Kasen makes a wonderful study partner.

Kasen Update

Kasen went for his check up today. He is weighing in at 8 lbs. and 3 oz. I love the small hands.

We are being fed so well. The church is amazing. Since this past Monday people have brought us either lunch or dinner. I hate to admit it but I must…I have gained 3 to 4 lbs. It is hard to say no to food when you know others have labored out of love (how is that for justifying gluttony? It sounds so “spiritual” ).

Someone in this home wrongly inserted the camera cartridge in our digital camera. Now the little disc thingy is stuck and our camera will not take pictures. Thankfully our camera has a special device that catches people doing stupid things.